PDO & Cog Threads Course

PDO & Cog Threads Course

PDO & Cog Threads Course

The course is split between practical and theory-based modules including - 2 days course
1599 Course Fee - VAT included

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About The Course 

The course is split between practical and theory-based modules including – 2 days course

These courses will teach you innovative techniques to lift and tighten sagging skin along the face without the need for a face lift. They will also give you the skills to offer skin rejuvenation service that reduce acne scarring, smooth crepey skin, lift eyebrows and rebuild collagen. These are non-surgical services that your clients desperately need and want, and the training will position you to meet that need.

It involves the implantation of fine, absorbable polydioxanone threads (similar to those used in medical suturing) into the subcutaneous layer of the skin using small needles.

What will I learn:

Health & Safety


Managing complications

Client expectations

PDO procedure

PDO threads and where to get them



Treatment protocol

Treatment aftercare


Tutor Demonstration of PDO thread treatment

Students work on models to perform PDO thread treatment

Recommended Indications

Reducing acne scarring

Smoothing crepey, saggy skin

Addressing radial lip lines

Addressing flabellar frown lines

Enhancing cheeks

Repairing nasolabial folds

Addressing oral commissures

Neck lifting

Marionette line adjustments

Long-term collagen building


These threads remain implanted in the skin causing micro-injuries that stimulate collagen synthesis and tissue contraction. After six months, the threads will be absorbed into the body leaving new collagen in its place.



This course is suitable for all doctors, nurses, dentists or practitioners.

Suitable Healthcare Practitioners, SPMU practitioner six months+, Progression Route into Aesthetics or NVQ Levels or equivalent. 

If you do not hold an NVQ Level but have other qualifications that are directly related to this area of work, mainly if you work with needles, please contact us to see if we will accept your qualification as a pre-requisite for enrolment.

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